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Mac: Please install Dymo software version 8.7 and follow the four steps here.

Windows: Please install Dymo software version 8.7.1 to fix the slow printing issue.

Download Mac version. Restart Chrome after installing.
Download Windows version. Restart Chrome after installing

Thermal Label Printers

If you print a lot of labels (and using FBA we do) you can probably benefit from the use of a label printer. They don't use ink or toner, usually cost less per label, and the printing is more durable.

If you are going to purchase a label printer to use our add-on in Seller Central we recommend Dymo. Their software allows greater control of printing and avoids the difficulties encountered with Zebra label printers. However, if you require fast print speed for large quantities of labels, a Zebra is the better choice.


Dymo is a well known brand of label makers and printers. I've used an older LabelWriter 330 for years with PayPal shipping with great success. The current model, the LabelWriter 450 Turbo, is very popular and the best choice for FBA.

Amazon - DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo

eBay -


Zebra has a large line of label printers, with some costing thousands of dollars. Their desktop model LP2844 is an excellent and popular choice for FBA and can be found for a reasonable price. I picked up a used one and it works great.

Amazon - Zebra LP2844

eBay -

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