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If you are unable to print labels with your Dymo printer and our service you will need to install the updated Dymo software. Download Windows version. Please reboot after installing.The Mac version is not yet available, but there is a temporary workaround.

Latest Add-on

Chrome (v 2.96)

Firefox (v 2.96)
Firefox version 48 or higher is required

Temporary workaround for Dymo and Chrome

Required only for Mac systems until Dymo software version 8.6.2 (or higher) becomes available.

Copy and paste the following into your Chrome address bar and press enter:
Enable the option for:
Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost.
Completely close and reopen Chrome.

If you are using Windows, Dymo software version 8.6.2 is already available.

December 2016 Update:

We've changed our name from ListLabelShip to ClickAndLabel. Please use the updated version (2.96) of our add-on to ensure you can continue to print labels. The Firefox version must be manually installed, the Chrome version should auto-update.

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